President: Rick Martinez - 719-242-6214          
Vice President and Swarm Commander: Dru Spinnuzi - 
Secretary: Marva Jolly - 303-478-8047          
Treasurer: Wendy Hall - 

Past President: L. Scott Stevenson - 719-315-5473
Board Member: Taylor Spinnuzi - 719-664-9662          
Board Member: Randy Edwards - 719-320-7568

Board Member: Rick Ludwig - 719-242-1509




The mission of the Pueblo County Beekeepers Association (PCBA) is to promote sustainable beekeeping in Southern Colorado. The association shall: 

a. Provide education for the public and beekeepers. 

b. Provide support for fellow beekeepers. 

c. Provide resources, including swarm rescue, honey extraction, hive management and pest control. 

d. Aid in the education of youth about beekeeping through youth programs such as 4-H. 

Membership and Dues: (Friendly Reminder 2022 Dues are due.)

a. Membership will be open to any individual with an interest in beekeeping, pollinator health, or other aspects of bee culture. Membership is attained by submitting the required membership dues. All paid adult members shall have voting privileges.

b. Annual adult and youth membership dues will be determined yearly by the executive board. Annual adult dues will include both PCBA and Colorado State Beekeepers Association membership.

c. The membership year runs from January through December, and dues will not be prorated.

d. Membership is open to all, irrespective of race, color, sex, or national origin

Membership and Dues

 In accordance with Pueblo City Regulations regarding the keeping of bees within city limits as found in Title XI- Police Regulations - General Offense Code - Article IV Offenses Against Property, Sec. 11-1-405" - the following information on keeping honey bees is provided:

(Z) honeybee, provided, however, that the number of honeybees does not exceed the number contained in two (2) beehives located on the same property. For purposes of subparagraph (Z), a beehive shall mean any, container housing no more than one (1) colony of honey bees including one (1) queen bee.

For additional information see


Pueblo Beekeeping Rules Within City Limits

Mission Statement


Call for information or feel free to join us for a club meeting. Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 6:30, in the Lamb Branch Library. Our meetings are online via ZOOM, too. Sign up to attend the meeting on the Event's page.

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